AJ Ahlstedt

I just wanted to drop a greeting and ask that you allow me some time to advise you on the many advantages of working with AJ and Team.

Brokerage Service –
• My real estate license resides with the highly successful brokerage group, RE/MAX Stateline. RE/MAX Stateline provides an abundance of resources to enable me and my team to better serve you, the client. We look forward to showing you why AJ and Team and RE/MAX Stateline is the best source to guide you through your real estate transaction.

Real Estate Appraiser –
• For the past fourteen years I have been a Certified Appraiser in both Kansas and Missouri. During this period, I have built a client base that includes local, national, and international lending institutions providing mortgage services to the Kansas City market. My experience includes preparing and delivering over 5,000 appraisals within the KC metro while also serving as board member to the esteemed appraiser’s cooperative, KC Data Services. As you can imagine, this experience proves vital in presenting you the buyer/seller, a distinct advantage when valuating property.

What to Expect from Your Realtor when Selling –
• Massive realtor database, excellent customer service, competent contract negotiation, targeted marketing and sales techniques – expect nothing less. These qualities should all be minimum requirements when selecting your realtor. What often goes unnoticed is Price. Our team is knowledgeable and practiced on Price. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not just “throw out” a number at hope it sticks. All properties are analyzed and evaluated prior to going to market. Our methods include a physical conditions assessment, a market-trend valuation, and finally, a colloquial in-house appraisal. Once this process has been completed, any suggestions to alter the property will be estimated and the cost/ benefit discussed with you, property owner.

What to Expect when Buying –
Putting your real estate purchasing plan into action often requires more than merely securing an individual to navigate listings and negotiate contracts. It is imperative to understand how to find value in your purchase. My 16 years as a real estate appraiser combined with my construction contracting experience (I have personal and professional experience with property rehabilitation) affords you the value-added opportunity to make well-informed decisions.

What are your future real estate plans? Whether you’re ready to move on to your next dream house, make a lifestyle change, or add/drop a property to/from your investment portfolio, AJ and Team is a must call.

Professional Info

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