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Blue Springs, Missouri, located nineteen miles east of downtown Kansas City, has a population of 52,575. Blue Springs has abundant recreation opportunities with 22 city parks, including Flemming Park which is home to Blue Springs Lake and Lake Jacomo. The school districts of Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, and Grain Valley all serve the city of Blue Springs. The Blue Springs School District which serves most of the residents, has received a perfect score on the Annual Performance Report for twelve years in a row. The Blue Springs School District is one of only seven school districts in this state to have that many consecutive years of Distinction.

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Blue Springs Area Insight

  • Felicia Harris
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    As of June 17th, 2024, market highlights included:
    68 New Homes Listed
    110 Homes Under Contract
    13 Average Days on Market
    $335,000 Average Sales Price
    The Blue Springs housing market is active with new listings and contracts moving swiftly. With homes averaging just 13 days on the market, now is a strategic time to consider buying or selling.
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    Just found out about the Disc Golf Derby happening at Blue Springs Disc Golf Course at Young Park! If you're looking for a fun activity this weekend, this is it!
    When: Saturday, June 22
    Time: 9 AM - 12 PM
    Cost: Only $20
    Course: 18 holes, lowest score wins!
    Contact: Call (816)-228-0137 or visit www.bluespringsgov.com/park for more info
    It's BYOD (Bring Your Own Discs), so grab your gear and join the fun. Whether you're a seasoned player or just curious to try it out, it's a great way to enjoy the outdoors and maybe make some new friends.
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    Nestled in the heart of Blue Springs, the Chicago and Alton Hotel is a prominent landmark that encapsulates the town's rich heritage. Constructed in 1878, this historic hotel played a pivotal role as a key stop along the Chicago and Alton Railroad, serving as a bustling hub for travelers and a witness to countless stories of the past. The hotel's elegant architecture is a stunning example of the craftsmanship of its era. Its intricate design elements, from the ornate woodwork to the grand facades, reflect the timeless beauty and attention to detail that characterized 19th-century architecture. Walking through its halls, visitors are transported back in time, experiencing a slice of history preserved within its walls.

    For history buffs, the Chicago and Alton Hotel offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of Blue Springs. It stands as a monument to the city's growth and development, showcasing how the railroad era shaped the local community and economy. Each room and corridor holds stories of the past, making it a treasure trove of historical insights. Architecture aficionados will find much to admire in the hotel's design. The blend of historical styles and the preservation of original features make it an architectural gem. The hotel's charm is not just in its aesthetics but also in the way it has been lovingly maintained and restored over the years, ensuring that its historical significance is not lost to time.

    Today, the Chicago and Alton Hotel continues to attract visitors from near and far. Whether you're a local resident or a curious traveler, this landmark offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and explore the rich tapestry of Blue Springs' past. Its enduring legacy serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving historical landmarks for future generations to appreciate and learn from. Visiting the Chicago and Alton Hotel is more than just a tour of a building; it's an immersive experience that connects you with the stories, people, and events that have shaped Blue Springs over the centuries. It's a place where history comes alive, inviting you to explore and discover the timeless charm of this iconic landmark.
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    Blue Springs, MO
    For a quick breakfast or a sweet treat, LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee is the go-to spot in Blue Springs, MO. Known for their wide variety of donuts, from classic glazed to unique creations, they also offer a selection of coffee drinks to complement your pastry. It's a perfect stop for those on the go.
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    Blue Springs, MO
    Experience fine dining at its best at Sinclair's Restaurant, where elegant ambiance meets culinary excellence. Situated in a historic building, Sinclair's offers a sophisticated dining experience that celebrates the rich flavors of American cuisine. Indulge in dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients, such as seared scallops, filet mignon, and lobster tail. Complemented by an extensive wine list and impeccable service, a meal at Sinclair's is truly a feast for the senses. Sinclair's is located at 1402 NW 7 Hwy in Blue Springs.
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    Blue Springs, MO
    This dog park is big and beautiful is located on 2.7 acres of Gregory O Grounds Park. It is an off-leash park with a canine water fountain and a dog wash area at the exit. There is a separate area for smaller dogs. Dogs must be 14 inches or less at the shoulder and weigh no more than 25 pounds.
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    Blue Springs, Missouri, is on the brink of an exciting milestone as Meyer Music gears up to celebrate the grand reopening of its remodeled store with a much-anticipated ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for 4:30 p.m. The event is set to unfold at the store's location, 1512 US-40, drawing together a diverse assembly of musicians, community members, and local dignitaries.

    The impending ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolizes Meyer Music's unwavering commitment to delivering a vibrant and enhanced musical experience for its valued customers. As the clock approaches 4:30, attendees eagerly anticipate the pivotal moment when the ceremonial ribbon will be officially cut, marking the commencement of an exciting new chapter for the music store.

    The transformation of Meyer Music's store at 1512 US-40 extends beyond a mere physical facelift; it is a testament to its dedicated efforts in nurturing a flourishing musical community. Boasting an updated layout, state-of-the-art equipment, and a fresh aesthetic, the remodeled space promises customers an even more inviting environment to explore for all their musical needs.

    Local musicians and music enthusiasts can anticipate an elevated shopping experience, complete with knowledgeable staff and an extensive array of musical instruments and accessories. Whether individuals are seasoned professionals or embarking on their musical journey, Meyer Music's remodel ensures everyone can discover what they need to craft beautiful music.

    The forthcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1512 US-40 in Blue Springs signifies the dawn of a new era for Meyer Music, cementing its role as a cornerstone in the local music scene and amplifying its dedication to fostering the musical growth and enjoyment of the community.
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    In an era where school safety has become a top priority, dedicated School Resource Officers (SROs) play a pivotal role in ensuring a secure learning environment for students. Among these exceptional individuals is Officer Russel Berry, who has been awarded the prestigious National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) Practitioner award. Officer Berry's unwavering commitment to specialized training and school-based service has earned him this well-deserved recognition.

    The NASRO Practitioner Award is a testament to the dedication and expertise of School Resource Officers nationwide. It acknowledges the efforts of SROs who go above and beyond, consistently investing in their training and demonstrating a deep commitment to the safety and well-being of students and staff within their school communities.

    Officer Berry, who serves the community at BSSD (school name) as the School Resource Officer, has shown a remarkable commitment to his role. His passion for ensuring the safety of our schools and students is commendable. This recognition is a testament to the tireless work he has put into mastering the specialized skills required to excel in his position.

    The award includes several commendable perks. Officer Berry will be presented with a new pin, symbolizing his prestigious NASRO Practitioner status. A certificate, a letter of commendation, and well-deserved recognition at this year's National School Safety Conference are also part of the recognition package. This acknowledgment is not just a token of appreciation but a celebration of his dedication to the safety and well-being of our students.

    As we congratulate Officer Berry for this well-earned recognition, it is also essential to recognize the broader impact of SROs in our schools. They are not just uniformed officers but trusted mentors, counselors, and role models for the students they serve. SROs like Officer Berry create a bridge between law enforcement and the educational community, fostering a safe and supportive atmosphere where students can thrive.

    Officer Berry's dedication and commitment serve as an inspiration to others in his field. His continuous pursuit of specialized training and unwavering commitment to school-based service sets a high standard for the critical role of School Resource Officers in our schools. It's through individuals like him that we can build stronger, safer, and more resilient educational communities.

    In conclusion, Officer Russel Berry's recognition as a NASRO Practitioner is a testament to his outstanding commitment to school-based service. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Officer Berry for his loyalty, dedication, and tireless service to our schools and, most importantly, our students. His dedication is a shining example of the positive impact SROs can have on our educational communities.
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    I wanted to take a moment to share my deep appreciation for the incredible beauty of Missouri's four seasons, especially its vibrant and enchanting fall.

    Missouri's autumn is a sight to behold. The way the leaves change into a tapestry of warm hues, the cool breeze in the air, and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet—it's a magical time of year that fills my heart with gratitude. I'm thankful for the opportunity to experience the following seasons in this beautiful state:

    Spring: The awakening of life, as flowers bloom and the world bursts into color again.
    Summer: Lazy days by the lakes and the hum of cicadas, creating lasting memories under the sun.
    Fall: The breathtaking transition, with leaves ablaze in red, orange, and yellow, a reminder of nature's artistry.
    Winter: The quiet stillness, the gentle snowfall, and the cozy moments by the fireplace.

    Missouri's four seasons constantly remind us of the ever-changing beauty of the world. It's a privilege to witness and cherish these transformations each year.
    I hope you, too, find joy and inspiration in the wonder of nature's seasons, wherever you may be. May this fall be filled with awe and appreciation for the world's splendor.
  • Are you ready for a spooktacular evening filled with creativity, fun, and Halloween vibes? If so, mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 24th, at 6:30 p.m. CDT, and head over to Sinclair's Restaurant in Blue Springs, MO. Join us for a Halloween Paint & Sip event that promises to be a wickedly good time.

    Unleash Your Inner Artist
    Hosted by Art by JonnieRae, this event invites you to get in touch with your artistic side while soaking in the Halloween spirit. Whether you're a seasoned artist or have never picked up a paintbrush before, this event is perfect for everyone. You don't need any prior experience – just come with an open mind and be ready to have a blast!

    Paint a Halloween Gnome: The featured painting for the night is an adorable Halloween Gnome. Under the guidance of an experienced artist, you'll receive step-by-step instructions to create your own masterpiece. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve with a bit of guidance and a touch of creativity. Plus, the Halloween theme will make your gnome even more special.

    You're welcome to attend as a couple, grab your friends, or bring along your co-workers. It's an excellent opportunity to bond with your loved ones or enjoy a team-building activity in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. All ages are welcome, so feel free to bring the whole family for a memorable evening of art and laughter.

    Sinclair's Restaurant is the perfect venue for this creative night out. With fantastic drink specials and various food options, you'll have everything you need to keep your creative juices flowing. Your ticket even includes a free drink ticket, ensuring you're well-hydrated while you paint your masterpiece.

    Tickets and Refunds: Tickets for this event are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person. So, if your plans change or you can't make it, you can pass your ticket along to someone else who'd love to experience this Halloween-themed paint-and-sip event.

    Don't miss this chance to celebrate Halloween uniquely and artistically. Join us at Sinclair's Restaurant on Tuesday, October 24th, at 6:30 p.m. CDT. Whether you're a painting pro or just looking to have a good time, this Halloween Paint & Sip event promises an evening of creativity, laughter, and spooky fun. Reserve your spot now and prepare for a memorable, artistic adventure!
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    The crisp air, the vibrant colors, and the scent of autumn leaves in the breeze signal that fall has arrived! And what better way to embrace the season than by visiting Colonial Gardens, where a delightful array of activities and produce awaits you? From U-Pick apples and raspberries to the unique SunHemp Maze and much more, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

    Colonial Gardens welcomes visitors to pick their own apples and raspberries on select days. It's a fantastic way to experience the orchard, breathe in the fresh autumn air, and select the freshest, juiciest fruits for your kitchen.

    Available Now:

    Apples: Choose from various apple types, including Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Mutsu, Tasty Red, Blushing Delight, and Golden Treat. Whether you prefer sweet or tart, you'll find the perfect apple for your needs.

    Raspberries: While they're available in limited quantities, the red raspberries delight berry lovers.

    Pumpkins: Get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving with a selection of carvers and specialty gourds.

    SunHemp Maze: Looking for a unique adventure for the whole family? Don't miss the SunHemp Maze at Colonial Gardens. This maze is more than just your typical corn maze – it's a SunHemp adventure! Explore the twists and turns, navigate the pathways, and challenge yourself as you make your way through this eco-friendly maze.

    Jump Pillow: For a truly unique experience, try the Jump Pillow at Colonial Gardens. Imagine a massive human hamster wheel where you can jump, bounce, and have an absolute blast. It's perfect for kids and kids-at-heart, providing hours of fun and entertainment.

    Livestock Tours and More: In addition to all the fall fun activities, Colonial Gardens offers tours of their lovely livestock. Get up close and personal with adorable animals, learning about their care and importance in the farm ecosystem. It's an educational and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages.

    Plan Your Visit: Colonial Gardens is ideal for fall family outings, romantic dates, or solo adventures. With various activities and fresh produce, it's a one-stop shop for all your autumn needs. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the picturesque moments and make lasting memories.

    Before heading out, it's a good idea to check the weather forecast, dress accordingly, and prepare for outdoor fun. And remember to practice good stewardship by following the farm's rules and guidelines.

    So, make Colonial Gardens your next stop if you're looking for a memorable fall experience with U-Pick apples, SunHemp Mazes, pumpkins, livestock tours, and more. Get into the spirit of the season and embrace all the joys of autumn at this beautiful destination.

    For more information and the times and dates, visit the website below.
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    Bliss is such a great place to find exquisite chocolate, candies, and ice cream. You will never find a great shop that uses the finest ingredients in their treats. I love how they create unique candies for each holiday. They are such great treats for my clients, friends, and family. They have a flavor for everyone. You should stop by and try them out! Visit the website below for location and hours.
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    Experience the Magic of Live Music Amidst Nature's Beauty!

    Picture this: a tranquil garden bathed in the soft glow of starlight, where the melodies of local musicians intertwine with the gentle rustle of leaves and the fragrant embrace of blooming flowers. Now, add to this enchanting scene the tantalizing aromas of freshly prepared local cuisine and the rich flavors of handpicked wines and craft beers. Welcome to an unforgettable evening with Folk In The Flow at Colonial Gardens!

    Join us for a night of soul-soothing live music, delectable food, and delightful beverages in our stunning courtyard. This event will be held at the Colonial Gardens Courtyard on October 11, 2023, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

    Live Music

    Folk In The Flow, our talented local artist, will serenade you with their captivating tunes throughout the evening. Their melodious notes will transport you to a world where music and nature harmonize.

    Gourmet Dining

    Colonial Kitchen, our renowned culinary partner, will tantalize your taste buds with a locally inspired menu. From light dinner options to classic charcuterie boards featuring the finest local fare, there's something to satisfy every palate. Pair your meal with an exceptional selection of locally sourced beers, spirits, and handpicked wines.

    Creating Memories

    Gather your friends and family for a memorable evening under the stars. Share stories, laughter, and good vibes as you bask in the soothing ambiance of the garden and the rhythm of the music.

    Please note that outside food and beverages are not permitted, but worry not! We have a variety of delectable options available for purchase, including items from our Market. The Kitchen at Colonial Gardens will also offer a limited menu, ensuring there's something for everyone.

    Don't miss this chance to immerse yourself in the magic of live music in a garden paradise.
    Visit the link below to learn more about the talented artist Folk In The Flow and reserve your spot for an evening of enchantment.

    Mark your calendar, bring your loved ones, and join us for an unforgettable night of music, nature, and culinary delights. Let's create beautiful memories together! Don't miss out—secure your spot now and get ready to be swept away by the Folk In The Flow experience!
  • Established in 1916 by Elmer C. Adams, Adams Dairy Farm in Eastern Jackson County quickly became a significant milk provider for Blue Springs, Missouri, and its surrounding areas. The farm started operations in 1914 when Elmer purchased two dairy cows. He personally delivered the fresh milk to local customers. In the early days, horse-drawn carriages were used for doorstep deliveries, eventually transitioning to vans. The farm catered to households and supplied milk to the local school district. After serving the community for almost six decades, from 1917 to 1971, the farm's land was transformed into a vast shopping complex. A distinct mural was designed and painted by a Blue Springs art student to honor the history of the Adams Dairy Farm. It can be found downtown.
  • Felicia Harris
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    Blue Springs, a thriving city in the heart of Missouri, owes its name and rich history to the pioneers who embarked on their westward journey searching for new horizons. As these brave settlers ventured into the unknown, they stumbled upon a place of profound significance where nature's bounty would shape the destiny of an entire community.

    The key to this newfound settlement's appeal was a pristine spring, fed by the Little Blue River, that provided an abundant source of cool, crystal-clear water. This natural wonder became the area's defining feature, giving rise to the name "Blue Springs."

    With such a valuable resource and the necessity for pioneer supplies, the foundation for a permanent settlement was laid. The echoes of history reverberate in the city's Burrus Old Mill Park, located on Woods Chapel Road, where a grist mill was erected to meet the needs of the growing population.

    Fast forward to September 7, 1880, and an essential milestone in the city's history was reached. The Jackson County Court officially granted the incorporation of Blue Springs, making it the fourth settlement in the county, predating even the bustling metropolis of Kansas City, Missouri. One notable figure in the early days of Blue Springs was Franklin Smith, a Virginia transplant who arrived in 1838. His contributions to the community were invaluable, including establishing the first post office in 1845, aptly named after the renowned Blue Springs.

    As Blue Springs continued to flourish around the remarkable springs, destiny took an intriguing turn in 1878. The Chicago and Alton Railroad unveiled ambitious plans to construct a station approximately one mile east of the original settlement. Recognizing the tremendous economic potential that the railroad would bring, the town boldly decided to relocate its center to the new station's site. This strategic move ensured the town's growth as a vibrant rural trading hub.

    From its modest beginnings, Blue Springs has evolved into a thriving city. In 1970, its population stood at a respectable 6,779 residents. Today, it proudly boasts a thriving community of more than 58,000 people, a testament to its enduring appeal and continued growth.

    For those eager to delve deeper into the history of Blue Springs, the Historic Preservation Commission is a valuable resource. Additionally, the Blue Springs Historical Society, a non-profit 501c3 organization founded in 1976, is a dedicated guardian of the city's heritage. Committed to preserving, promoting, and fostering an appreciation for Blue Springs' storied past, the society welcomes all who seek to explore the rich tapestry of this remarkable community.

    As we explore the past of Blue Springs, we gain insight into the roots of its vibrant present and its promising future. This journey through history reveals the enduring spirit of a city that continues to thrive and evolve while honoring its remarkable origins.
  • Felicia Harris
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    The Blue Springs School District, nestled in the heart of Missouri, has long been a shining example of excellence in education. This dynamic district is known for its commitment to fostering academic achievement, personal growth, and community engagement.

    A Rich History of Educational Excellence: Established in 1957, the Blue Springs School District has a rich history of providing quality education to the local community. Over the years, it has evolved into a thriving educational hub, serving a diverse and growing population.

    A Focus on Student Success: A dedication to student success is at the core of the Blue Springs School District's mission. The district takes pride in its ability to inspire and challenge students to reach their full potential. This is achieved through a combination of dedicated educators, innovative programs, and a student-centered approach to learning.

    Innovative Educational Programs: The district offers a wide range of educational programs designed to meet its students' unique needs and interests. From advanced placement courses and career and technical education to fine arts and extracurricular activities, Blue Springs schools are committed to providing a well-rounded education.

    Community Involvement and Support: One of the district's most distinctive features is its strong connection with the local community. Blue Springs residents actively support their schools through volunteering, fundraising, and engagement in school board decisions. This partnership between the community and the schools has helped create a nurturing environment for students to thrive.

    Award-Winning Faculty and Staff: Behind the success of the Blue Springs School District is a team of dedicated educators and staff who are committed to their students' success. Many teachers and administrators have received accolades for their outstanding contributions to education.

    A Look to the Future: As the Blue Springs School District continues to grow, it remains committed to evolving with the times, embracing new technology, and implementing innovative teaching methods to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. The district's vision for the future includes expanding educational opportunities and enhancing the overall educational experience for all students.

    In conclusion, the Blue Springs School District is more than just an educational institution; it is a community cornerstone where students can learn, grow, and achieve their dreams. With a strong history of excellence, a focus on student success, and a commitment to innovation, the Blue Springs School District is poised to continue its legacy of providing exceptional education for future generations.
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    Blue Springs, MO
    Blue Springs, MO, had a fantastic weekend with the Fall Fun Fest. The weather was perfect, and the event featured a variety of vendors offering t-shirts, Kansas City Chiefs decor, gifts, and delicious carnival and festival food. Attendees enjoyed parades, thrilling rides, and live music at the beer garden in downtown Blue Springs. It was a memorable weekend for the community!"
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    September has brought dynamism to the real estate market in Blue Springs, Missouri. Here's a look at the latest developments in this vibrant community:

    Market Insights

    Active Listings: Presently, there are 115 active homes available for sale in Blue Springs. This provides a diverse range of options for potential buyers to explore.

    Homes Under Negotiation: This month, 39 houses have entered the negotiation phase, indicating strong buyer interest and readiness to make deals in a competitive market.

    Homes Successfully Sold: In September, 28 homes have changed ownership, highlighting the market's vitality as homeowners find eager buyers.

    Market Dynamics: Several factors contribute to the buoyancy of Blue Springs' real estate market:

    Community Appeal: Blue Springs is renowned for its excellent schools, secure neighborhoods, and strong community bonds, making it attractive to both individuals and families.

    Affordability Factor: Blue Springs offers relatively affordable housing options compared to neighboring areas, making it appealing to first-time buyers and those seeking an upgrade.

    Low Interest Rates: Historically low mortgage interest rates motivate more buyers to enter the market, driven by the prospect of favorable financing terms.

    Economic Resilience: The overall economic stability of the region bolsters confidence among real estate investors in Blue Springs.

    Tips for Buyers and Sellers

    Buyers: In this competitive market, preparedness is essential. Act swiftly when you find your ideal home, secure pre-approval for a mortgage to strengthen your offer, and collaborate with an experienced local real estate agent.

    Sellers: With a significant number of homes under negotiation and sold, now is an opportune time to list your property. Ensure your home is well-staged and priced competitively to attract motivated buyers.

    Looking Ahead

    As we progress through September 2023, the Blue Springs, Missouri, real estate market continues to flourish. A substantial inventory of homes for sale, coupled with robust buyer activity, defines this period. The future holds intriguing possibilities and challenges for both buyers and sellers.

    Whether you're considering buying or selling property in Blue Springs, staying informed about evolving market trends is crucial. Collaborate with a seasoned real estate professional to navigate the current conditions effectively and make the most of the opportunities presented.
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    The City of Blue Springs proudly commends Jake Farrell on his outstanding achievement in attaining the Master Code Professional designation from the International Code Council. This prestigious accolade, recognized as the zenith of Code Council certifications, stands as the ultimate benchmark for showcasing expertise in the code profession. Jake Farrell now joins an exclusive global cadre of Master Code Professionals whose accomplishments continue to enrich the field of code enforcement and benefit their communities.

    Mike Mallon, Director of Community Development, expressed, "Jake's attainment of the esteemed Master Code Professional designation not only propels his career but also contributes significantly to the City of Blue Springs' mission of fostering a vibrant, sustainable community, enhancing the quality of life for our residents and visitors alike. Jake's expertise, dedication, and leadership will be invaluable to our Codes Administration division."

    To secure the Code Council MCP designation, candidates must successfully pass ten core ICC exams and various elective Code Council exams. Typically, Master Code Professionals hold 17 or more Code Council certifications. To maintain their active status, certified individuals must complete 60 hours of Continuing Education Units every three years.

    Dominic Sims, CBO, Chief Executive Officer of the Code Council, remarked, "The Master Code Professional certification represents the pinnacle of all ICC certifications, symbolizing an extraordinary level of dedication, knowledge, and commitment. It elevates the individual who attains it and enhances the entire code official profession."

    Learn more about the Codes Administration division at bluespringsgov.com.
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    Greetings! If you're searching for a perfect new home, look no further than Blue Springs. This delightful city offers all you need for a comfortable and exciting life. Let's uncover what makes this community truly special!

    Blue Springs is renowned for its welcoming neighborhoods, creating a true sense of belonging. Imagine strolling down charming streets, exchanging friendly waves and hellos with neighbors who feel like family.

    Nature lovers, rejoice! Blue Springs is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with numerous parks to explore. Picture relaxing picnics at Doe Park or invigorating hikes through Pine Ridge Nature Reserve – a paradise for all.

    Families with children, take note! Blue Springs boasts exceptional schools with passionate educators and enriching classrooms. Your children will flourish in this supportive learning environment.

    Mark your calendar for the exciting events that Blue Springs hosts! From vibrant festivals to fresh-produce farmers' markets, these gatherings offer fun and a chance to bond with neighbors.

    Blue Springs' strategic location near major highways and attractions adds to its allure. Enjoy easy commutes and quick access to various destinations.

    Blue Springs provides excellent value for your investment. With a reasonable cost of living and housing options for every budget, finding your dream home is a reality.

    Blue Springs offers a remarkable setting for living, playing, and thriving. With its friendly neighborhoods, abundant outdoor pursuits, outstanding schools, lively community events, convenient location, and affordability, Blue Springs stands out as an exceptional community to call home.
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    Blue Springs, MO
    On Sunday, August 6th, Rotary Park in Blue Springs is hosting Cherry Bomb at 6:00 p.m. for the Free Summer Concerts in the Park series. Bring a chair and blanket and your own picnic dinner to enjoy while listening to some great music. The event is sponsored by the Blue Springs Parks & Recreation Department. Rotary Park is located at 600 NW Vesper St. in Blue Springs, MO.
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    Blue Springs, MO
    The Chocolate Spa is a spa that offers various services such as pedicures, massages, facials, and hair styling, and using Young Living Oils for detox body wraps, all while enjoying chocolate!!! Karen Ingram provides massages while Robyn Wilson takes care of nails and skin, and Amber Clark is the stylist.

    It's nice to know that your spa offers clients a relaxing and indulging experience, with options for anti-aging facials and detox body wraps. Pedicures are also now available, and there are two stylists to cater to your hair needs. Overall, this is a great place to go for a pampering experience.
  • Mike Smith
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    If you enjoy the amenities offered by parks and lakes ... neighborhoods surrounding lakes like Blue Springs Lake, Lake Jacomo, and Longview Lake provide access to a wide range of activities ... fishing, boating, sailing, hiking, camping, and much more. These areas have award-winning schools, and a wide array of shopping, and dining options. You are just minutes away from the amenities offered by the greater KC Metro area ... professional sports, entertainment areas, etc.
  • Ask a Local Expert a question about Blue Springs.
    Blue Springs, MO
    Top Golf is expected to be open sometime in the summer. Golf Ranch will be located off of 40 HWY in Blue Springs and will have around 40 hitting bays with tracers, an outdoor patio area, and a 36-hole mini golf course. Anyone from a novice to a pro golfer can come here and have an experience. Food and drinks are available here as well.
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    Blue Springs, MO
    Colonial Gardens is a great place to visit during the spring season! With its wide selection of plants and decorations, it's no wonder that the fragrance is captivating. Spring is a great time to spruce up your landscape, and Colonial Gardens has everything you need to make your outdoor space look beautiful. I would definitely recommend taking a trip there to see all that they have to offer.

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