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Lake Viking Area Insight

  • Tanya Burns
    RE/MAX Town and Country
    Looking for an exceptional venue to host your next event? Look no further than the newly renovated Lake Viking Clubhouse, a picturesque and versatile location ready to be rented exclusively by Lake Viking members.

    Nestled on the shores of the stunning Lake Viking, the clubhouse offers breathtaking views of the water and surrounding natural beauty. Whether you're planning a family reunion, a milestone celebration, a corporate retreat, or any other special occasion, our clubhouse provides the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories.
  • James Keller
    RE/MAX Heritage
    Ask James a question about Lake Viking.
    Lake Viking, MO
    My dog Lucy, like many of us, has cabin fever. She is ready for warmer weather and some lake time! Until then, she'll keep dreaming of chasing squirrels and playing hide and seek with them as they try to escape her watchful eye.
  • Tanya Burns
    RE/MAX Town and Country
    If you're looking for a place to get away and have fun on the water Lake Viking is just an hour northeast of Kansas City (or an hour east of St. Joseph). Lake Viking is a private community where 1/3 of the residents are full-time. From camping to fishing, swimming, skiing, and boating- Lake Viking has something for all. All property owners are a part of the Viking Valley Association and pay membership dues and assessments based on the number of lots owned. A nice get-a-way only one hour from Kansas City and St. Joseph MO.
  • Tanya Burns
    RE/MAX Town and Country
    Ask Tanya a question about Lake Viking.
    Lake Viking, MO
    Lake Viking is a beautiful and private 630 acre lake just an hour north from Kansas City, or one hour east of St. Joseph. Great for water sports, boating, skiing, fishing and swimming! A secluded place to live, or just come up to enjoy the water!
  • On May 2, 2015, one hundred Lake Viking members and their guests gathered at the Lake Viking Clubhouse for a wine tasting social which raised over $1,000 for the Daviess County Meals on Wheels program. The event was organized by Allison Spidle of RE/MAX Town and Country in cooperation with The Good-One Grill, produced and sold by local manufacturer Landmark Manufacturing.

    The evening featured five wines, appropriately paired with steak, pork loin, shrimp, various cheeses and baguette, and the grand finale was a dessert course of mini cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries and fudge made by nearby Jamesport's famous Wholly Cow Fudge Shop. Attendees engaged in fierce bidding for a variety of silent auction items. These included jewelry, barware and home furnishings among other items.

    As part of the event, attendees draw a key from the key bowl upon entering the event and at the end of the night try their key in the lock on the mystery safe to see if they are the lucky winner. This year a lovely young lady had the lucky key and won a beautiful Tiffany pearl necklace. This event kicked off the summer social season at Lake Viking and did so with a bang! The Meals on Wheels program was overjoyed by the success. It was a great event for a great cause!
  • For the first time, the Lake Viking Polar Plunge broke through the $30,000 ceiling, raising $30,467 for Special Olympics. A total of 55 brave men and women, with a sizable crowd of onlookers and supporters, plunged into icy Lake Viking for this great cause on what turned out to be a beautiful (albeit still chilly) Saturday. This is exactly the type of event that showcases the sense of community we have here at Lake Viking. Way to go plungers and all those who supported them! Way to go Lake Viking!
  • Lake Viking is the hidden gem of NW Missouri with 630 acres of beautiful water and located only 1 hour north of Kansas City, tucked just 15 miles off of I-35. Many potential buyers have questions about the homeowners association, known as the Viking Valley Association, specifically regarding dues and fees associated with lot/home ownership. I will attempt to concisely answer the most common questions:

    1. Q: What are the dues/fees associated with lot or home ownership?
    A: Whether you have a house, shed, dock or nothing on your lot; whether your dock is waterfront or tier, every owner pays $615 yearly in combined dues/assessments for the first lot. Each subsequent lot is $540 (no need to pay the $75 membership fee over and over again) up to 10 lots. If you own an eleventh or greater number lot you do not have to keep paying the fees/assessment for any lots over the first 10 you own.

    2. Q: What are the lot sizes? If I own more than one lot do I get more than one vote in the Association?
    A: Lot sizes vary but most are within .3-.6 of an acre. It's enough to build a house and put in a septic system (There's another answer-- every house has to have its own septic. Someday we may have rural sewer, but not as of yet.) Every owner has one vote in the Association no matter how many lots they own. A married couple has only one vote in the Association.

    3. Q: What are the zoning/building rules?
    A: There is an indepth handbook which addresses any specifics you may want to know but in general there is a building committee comprised of volunteer association members, which regulates all construction and related projects via a permit process. Basically, any project involving construction and/or landscaping, and/or heavy equipment, and/or renovation to an existing structure needs to go through the building committee. The committee is quick to turn around permits. Every permit is good for 6 months with the possibility for a one-time extension. If you have a potential exterior remodel or addition in mind for a house and want to know if it would be approved before you buy the property, the building committee is usually open to working with you to issue a decision so that you know what you can and cannot do before you buy the property.

    4. Q: Can I bring and install/use my boat, dock, lift, that I already own from another property?
    A: Due to the threat of zebra and quagga mussels, Lake Viking has strict rules in place to protect our waters, community, equipment and property values from these invasive species. We do not allow any docks or lifts from another body of water- period. Any boat that has been in another body of water-- any body of water-- must be hot washed prior to being put into Lake Viking. This is true for each and every time your boat returns to Lake Viking. There are no exceptions. Please call 660-663-2131 or 660-663-2204 to schedule a time for your equipment to be hot washed, at no charge to you and a time convenient for you. Equipment that has been in other waters goes beyond those listed above and any and all equipment, no matter how small, must be hot washed if coming from another body of water. This includes: paddleboats, paddle boards, oars, skis, life jackets, bait buckets, fishing gear including rods, rafts, floating trampolines and wave platforms, and so on and so forth.

    5. Q: Who polices the lake's waters and property? Are emergency services available such as ambulance and fire? What about utilities like water, internet, sewer and trash pickup?
    A: The Lake Viking Safety Patrol has the primary responsibility for ensuring compliance by all Association members and their guests with the covenants, rules and regulations of the Viking Valley Association. The Association has a volunteer fire department whose efforts are augmented by the two neighboring fire districts in the event of a fire. The Safety Patrol is comprised almost entirely of off-duty police personnel and highway patrolmen who are trained first responders. In the event of a medical emergency, their efforts would be augmented by the Gallatin ambulance crew.

    For any criminal or medical emergency, all Association members should immediately dial 911, not Safety Patrol, to ensure the fastest possible delivery of service. The Cameron hospital is approximately 25 minutes from Lake Viking, Chillicothe's Hedrick Medical Center (part of the St. Luke's system) is 45 minutes away, and Liberty Hospital is also 45 minutes away. All houses at Lake Viking are on the rural water system and trash service is available to all part-time and full-time residents. There are several high speed internet service providers to choose from. Every residence has its own septic system. Approval of the septic system is a standard part of the building permit process. And...those are the basics. I hope this has helped!

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